Caldwell Medical Group is part of our growing Medical Spa at SpaOlogy in Broken Arrow where I am located as well..  Dr. Kammie Caldwell is my Medical Director and we work together to provide comprehensive services to our patients and clients.  I am excited to share and be a part of these new services.

As a health practitioner, I have always held a strong belief that the goal of any practice should focus on the overall health, wellness and happiness of my patients and that health and wellness are strongly attached to a person’s happiness and sense of well- being.


In particular, sexual wellness and a healthy, satisfying sex life is a major contributor to a person’s overall wellness and feeling of well-being, as is feeling confident about your body and appearance. Beginning this month, I have added two exclusive sexual wellness treatments and one aesthetic treatment to my practice:


CLIOVANA: Cliovana™ is a women’s sexual wellness procedure, that uses proven soundwave technology (think ultrasound) to restore and increase blood flow, rejuvenating nerves and sensation in a woman’s clitoris. It helps the body to do what it was designed to do naturally, increasing lubrication, sensation, and the ability to reach orgasm. Cliovana™ is completely non-invasive, pain-free and uses no needles, lasers, incisions, or drugs.


PRECISION ED SOLUTIONS: The Precision ED treatment uses the same proven soundwave technology, but a slightly different procedure to restore and increase blood flow, rejuvenating nerves and sensitivity to a man’s penis. The Precision treatment also adds firmness, endurance, and size to a man’s erection. No more prescriptions drugs, no more side effects or lack of spontaneity. The Precision ED treatment is completely non- invasive, pain-free, and uses no needles or incisions.


CELLULITE SOUNDWAVE SOLUTIONS: The Cellulite Soundwave Solutions treatment utilizes the same proven technology for Cellulite, Skin Tightening, and Non-Invasive Body Shaping. Up until now most of the treatment options for cellulite have been focused around lasers and topicals with minimal success. This treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite, dimples and bumps. The treatments are non-invasive, are suitable for all skin types, there’s no downtime, and results are often visible after just one treatment


I am very excited about adding Cliovana, Precision ED Solutions and Cellulite Soundwave Solutions to my practice and would very much like to share and discuss it with you, and/or your partner.

Give us a call at 918-485-2104 to book your consultation.  Let them know you heard about this from Brigette at Accentuated Beauty for a complimentary personal 15-minute consultation with Dr. Kammie Caldwell.